“Aurora” Standing Frame

Aurora - Standing Frame

Standing frames are used by people who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. It is specially designed for wheelchair users. It gives children on a wheelchair the opportunity to stand independently because of their disability. It gives them also the opportunity to find comfort outside their chair. In one of the article of Science Direct, a young boy using his stand frame make him able to use his upper extremities and strength to play rather than focusing on his balancing.

‘Aurora’ is one of the best examples of those great standing frames. Any position could be achieved since the aurora can adopt the natural position which allows the child to move naturally. In addition, ‘Aurora’ helps to provide an optimal position that allows to stretch the muscles and prevent any contractures. Medical Expo, gives tips and ideas about postural care and what are the other standing frames options you could possibly get and where to buy them.

Here are some of its cool features :

-Accommodates a full range of positions from supine, through to upright and prone.
– Multi-adjustable headrest 
– Removable backrest
– Lateral trunk support
– De-rotational pelvic support
– Fully adjustable knee cups 
– Individually adjustable foot and ankle support.
– Height/depth adjustable tray
– Manual or power base
– All accessories are produced with comfort foam for a proactive and superior approach to pressure care and
-user weight of up to 80kg.

This is one great sample of standing frames for children with special needs and disability. The Aurora provides many benefits for the child’s health, development and well-being .

Would you consider using ‘Aurora’ as a standing frame of your child? Let us know your thought. Comment below.

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