Lego Releases Braille Bricks for Visually Impaired kids

Braille Bricks by Lego

Lego unleashed a new exciting style brick that helps blind and visually impaired children. The Lego Foundation and Lego group innovate to help those children by playing these bricks.

The RNIB director David Clarke, said in a statement, “thanks to this innovation, children with vision impairment will be able to learn braille and interact with their friends and classmates in a fun way, using play to encourage creativity while learning to read and write.”

According to an article written by Devin Coldewey, this Lego braille brick are the best, nicest, in retrospect, and the most obvious idea ever. As per Devin, given the naturally Braille-like structure of LEGO blocks, it’s surprising that this wasn’t done decades ago, which is true. He also stated that thru this Lego braille bricks, the kids can learn through hands-on play rather than more rigid methods like Braille readers and printouts. 

But how those kids feel about these new bricks? In one of video that
Amazing Braille LEGO Bricks created, they showed how the kids reacted while using this fun and creative bricks. They seem to like it and they are very happy about it! It empowers and enables the children to do the things that they wouldn’t have able to do before. It makes literacy far more accessible than before. As per the kids, having something that is tangible and you could rearrange is kind of nice.

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