New Parents Found Out They are Having a Baby Girl with Down Syndrome

Parents share their story having a daughter with down syndrome

As support for celebrating the World Down Syndrome Day, the Parent Kimberly and Justin Waszkiewicz share their life-changing story on how their world changed when “Nora” their daughter with down syndrome came into their life.

Justin, father of Nora wanted the people to see the ‘World Syndrome Day’ as a recognition and celebration for those children and people who have down syndrome. It’s to celebrate their life at least one day in a year. They wanted to share their amazing journey on how they found out and how they accept this wonderful blessing that they about to receive.

Justin found out about Nora through prenatally, around six months of Kimberly’s pregnancy. He called her wife and broke the news to her. As a parent, they were given three choices by a geneticist, Kimberly the mother of Nora shared that she was ‘really’ scared at that time. The geneticist shared them three options which are abortion, giving Nora up thru adoption or to continue with her pregnancy. They started to question themselves, on how they could really give their upcoming baby with down syndrome a good quality of life with all those associated conditions of the baby. On one of their Vlog, Justin shared “ I was nervous, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t know how down syndrome will affect my daughter’s life.”

But they choose to be positive and brave for their baby. They watched a lot of videos of families raising their child with down syndrome and it amazingly helps them a lot to changed their entire thought process. They started to stop worrying about the things that will happen and started to join local support groups that help them to get over their fear. Then one day, Kimberly, mother of Nora, just woke up, she is feeling refreshed and she says to his husband ” I am ready to be Nora’s mom and we will just take it one day at a time.”

Nora is turning three this year. Right now, the parents are extremely happy and proud of their daughter. They shared how Nora makes them see the world that they could never imagine seeing the world. Their life with Nora is amazing and they say that they wouldn’t trade it for anything. They would like the people now that ‘people with down syndrome can be themselves better than anyone else and the world would be much better if there are more people with Down Syndrome in it’.

Being a parent is exciting, terrifying, fun and challenging, but that is the beauty of it! Justin and Kimberly is a real inspiration for those families who received the same diagnosis. It is truly inspiring! We just need to have a vision of how we are going to see each blessing that we are going to receive.

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